Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil 100ML Pouch
Vendor: Harina
₹ 31.00
₹ 34.00
Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil 200ML Pouch
Vendor: Harina
₹ 61.00
₹ 67.00
Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil 500ML Pouch
Vendor: Harina
₹ 147.00
₹ 163.00
Appalam Launch Offer Gingelly Oil 1L + Appalam 150g
₹ 288.00
₹ 372.00

Harina Gingelly Oil, also commonly referred to as sesame oil is one of the healthiest oils and has slowly become a staple necessity in every Indian household. Add an ounce of aromatic sesame flavor to all your dishes by using Harina’s Gingelly Oil for cooking.

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